Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I am so happy to have Emma here in America. I am so happy that I found her, that I know what kind of person she is like and that I can TRUST her! I told her some stuff, which is really important for me. And I just KNOW, that she would NEVER tell somebody that kind of stuff to anybody.
 I had a smoke today. Twice. And I am really happy that I had it. I know that I miss it and that I kinda need it - not because I am addicted to it, just because of having this feeling after I feel full, have a smoke and don't feel full anymore. So I had a smoke with Emma, at the lake with some dust above the lake and around us, listening to good reggae music and talking to her. It feels so good. And I am happy to be here again. It's like I feel like to be home with all the people I like to be with. Even though school sucks! But today we had A-week, wednesday, so just two classes with a FREE BLOCK! AWESOME! OH HAPPY DAY! :) plus i found time to draw something again. I LOVE it and really forgot how much I kinda 'need' it. I just fall into a different world then.

Even though it has nothing to do with Emma, I had a 'awesome' concert by Connor : ) I liked the song, but seriously? Connor, don't sing! Let someone else sing, someone who CAN sing! hehehe 
Well and it kinda reminded me of Germany, sitting with Mo, Lennart, Falk, Kira & Mona in Mo's room and randomly playing on his guitar- John Mayer and stuff like that - I kinda miss it, even though it wasn't thaaat exciting every time but still....

This song is awesome, (even though old)! :))) Listened to it all the time today. : )

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