Monday, October 18, 2010

Nice day. Funny situations.

"Are you a couple?" 
"Oh, sorry, that was awkward.." 
"Well, we are just warming up each other." 

I got a cute message today. I watched another korean short movie during study hall, in the hall way. Love this short movies! Someone called me a dime. I watched really funny videos on YouTube today during school study hall and I have no homework really, although I have a Pre-Calc & French test tomorrow but don't want to think about tomorrow, want to live in the  here and know. Right now at least. And I am happy and that probably because I kinda know now, who I think are my friends and who I like and can talk to. 
It was just an awesome day I don't want to forget even though it was incredibly cold.

I am addicted to this song. ♥

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