Saturday, November 6, 2010

11/05/10 - Live in the present & don't think about the future

Today was a great day. 
My first blog was a free blog (even though I had to do homework) & then I was generally happy and I jumped with Yutaka into the lake, even though it was totally cold. I begged him to jump with me into the lake and he just didn't want to first but in the end we jumped together. It was awesome! This freezing water is surrounding you, then you immediately go out and THEN you feel how warm you are inside but your skin is totally cold. I would do it again - for sure! 
I am so happy that I would like to share my happiness to everyone. But then there is this one thing I have to clarify but I just can't do it because I feel so bad for my actions and I hate me for that. I want to be a good person. I will clarify it as soon as possible and as soon as I think I am ready for it. I HAVE to be ready for that because if not I will just be a bad person and will hurt many persons. Plus I may loose friends I really like and I don't want to loose. I am already hurting some people with my actions and I have to think about these people more now I think. As long as I am here, I hope I get to know how to be a person who can help people in difficult situations and take care about them more. 
Weekend started today! Excited! I hope it will be a nice weekend. And in two weeks I will fly back to Germany! YES! I will see my friends I love so much again! But then there are my parents I have to deal with too. It's not that I hate them or something but there are just some differences between us. 

This song is in my head the WHOLE DAY. It's ridiculous! I always laughed at Lidia if she was listening to one song all the time but today I caught myself by doing that too. :P KLICK!

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