Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to Yoshiaki! He got 16 today and I got a package from Japan with A LOT of japanese food! The whole school had just two blocks and one free block, the wheather was wonderful, I once went to the lake and lied there for about an hour with only a T-shirt and not like usually: three sweatshirts & I was and I am still happy. A good friend of mine was kind of weird today after we had this free block, so I was kind of depressed because of it, even though I knew I was overreacting. 
Back in dorm Reika and I watched (me again) these funny japanese shows, where people are trying to make the main characters in this show laugh, but they aren't allowed to (gaki no tsukai). It was soo funny! But then there is also the not-so-funny part, where I had to go to the varsity soccer game and I was this line person, which I was really bad in and which I hated a lot. I once jumped into a wet corner outside the soccer field and I had my wonderful converses on, which are really broken, so I had wet feet from almost the beginning of the game. But luckily a friend of mine made me smile during I was doing this shit, so I didn't get in a bad mood. 

I still love the lake at Wolfeboro. Nice place to chill and hang around. *___ii_____

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