Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holly crap! Or better: holly salo!

These exams are literally killing me and I am sooo wiped out. Yesterday I took the history and the french exam. With a result of 89% for both. I don't know if I should be satisfied or not. And then I took physics and english today. I am wiped out. I just can repeat that. I was almost the last one going out from physics exam and I WAS the last one going out from the English exam. I wrote an essay for about 2:45h!! And then I have also this fucking Pre-Calc exam tomorrow, I haven't studied for yet! This exam will be probably the worst one. Let's see if I will go to bed at about 2 o'clock again, or later this time..
The only thing I am looking forward to are these short meetings every evening. So sad that this will end for 10 days, while I am in Germany. I mean I am excited to go back to Germany - of course! But it will be kinda hard. 

Let's SHINE! <--- klick!!

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