Saturday, November 20, 2010

Looking forward to...

..these 10 day 'holidays'. I finished my exams yesterday. FINALLY! I am so exhausted because of them! I studied till the middle of the night because I wanted to have good grades and well, even though I studied hard for Pre-Calc but I think I failed...  So I came back to dorm after I took Pre-Calc, disappointed of myself of how bad my grade will be and went to bed. Slept for 3 hours or so, got some sweets for my friends (& again shocked about the prices for food here!) and then I just had a great evening with chinese food, something I wasn't allowed to do and which probably would get me in trouble if the teachers would now, (even though I think it's ridiculous, that we aren't allowed to do this), something like a promise, I am really looking forward to..... and.. an awkward moment. It surprises me every time how the point of view about hooking up is here in America. Some just think, hooking up is not a big deal and if they are horny enough, they don't care where they want to do it, if they like each other or not and if people are there, who are sitting about like 26 foot away from them. A little consideration please?! It's just fun, okay, sorry I don't share your opinion. Whatever. They can do whatever they want but I just don't want to be incorporated with it. 
Today is the day I will fly back to Germany! I had to wake up at 6, to take a shower and say good bye. It was a pretty hard goodbye. :( But I will see my friends in about 20h! :D & will come back in 10 days already. Sitting here at the airport and waiting that I can board, I recognize, that I have pretty confused and mixed feelings right now. I can't wait to see my friends but I have to do something when I come back what I am really NOT looking forward to do. I again will hurt someone and I really don't want to do this. Well, I will think about that, when I am in the plane. I have plenty of time and I should focus on not getting lost when I transfer planes. :D 

12/01/10 - I CAN'T WAIT!

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