Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day to day - it does not get real better here.

1. Block = free Block. REC snowboarding= 2miles of running = a really red faced salo coming back to dorm and having hurting ears. Dinner. Free time because I finished my homework straight after school. Had an awesome evening. Went to bed at 11pm, which is pretty early for me here in B.A. Quite a nice day for B.A.-life! :D 
& then in physics someone blunders out, if I would be in a relationship and Mr. Lui asks what is going on here in then the whole class is listening how this special person is telling him, that I am with Kazuki. Well, well these rumors spread sooo fast. :p
& today I had sadly all these 3 fucking blocks, FRENCH,HISTORY & PRE-CALC. And Pre-Calc gets harder I guess. SUCKS! Then I had music so I practiced piano again and it's pretty recovering to do it again after such a long time. I would like to play piano so good but I don't know if I could play as good as some people I know, who just can listen a to a song and play it afterwards, without having the notes etc. Well now I will look for a good melody/song I could play on the piano. :) Hope I will find something, that is easy but still sounds good. ♥

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