Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Salami - That's Not My Name.

Hey at everyone. I am Salomé D******. I am a 16-years old girl who loves to laugh. And thinks that she has experienced pretty much in her life already. I didn't think that you could experience that much in only 16 years. Or almost 17 years. I got through all this friends ship stuff, with lying and hurting and loving and liking and and and.. I think a couple of people know what I mean. That's really exhausting and painful. 
I am half Japanese, quarter French and quarter German. I actually live in Germany. I came to a boarding school a month ago or so and I think this school is really good for me actually. I learn something, which I didn't do in Germany. I am getting a nerd. Here I think that school is really important, though it really sucks sometimes. Or almost everyday because we have to do so much homework. And everything in a foreign language. 
I get to know how to get self-confident. To be independent from my parents, handle with life situations without my friends at home or my parents. It's really new for me to be in a co-ed school, in a knew culture, a different life. People here are kinda different here and I miss my friends really much. I am confused because everybody is somehow annoying me. With stuff I don't like to say it out loud because then it sounds like I am into me and love myself, which isn't true AT ALL
I really hope I will get friends for life here in this school which has a awesome view to a beautiful lake. And I hope I won't have that much trouble with people I thought they were friends but aren't. I already went through this crap. 
NEWS OF THE DAY: I finally get my ear piercings on my left ear at the corner! I am so happy, I can't describe it except running around and being happy! Though my parents will kill me.....

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